11 Health Benefits Of Coconut Water

Coconut water is found inside a young, green coconut. The drink is packed with nutrients. It contains vitamins, phytochemicals as well as minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium. The rich amounts of potassium and addition of some other minerals give the drink a high electrolyte content.

What’s more, coconut oil also contains antioxidants and fiber. This nutritional profile makes the drink health benefiting in many ways. Here are some ways coconut water can improve one’s health:

1 – Improves Cardiovascular Health

Coconut water may prove itself to be helpful when it comes to heart health. The beverage can lower both cholesterol as well as triglyceride levels.

2 – May Improve Blood Pressure Levels

The water found inside a coconut can also prove to be beneficial for the healthy maintenance of blood pressure markers. The drink has potassium in its composition which can lower the markers of high blood pressure. Coconut water may also decrease the formation of blood clots in arteries.

3 – Prevents Kidney Stone Formation

Coconut water also saves one from kidney stone formation. It can fight free radical damage which plays a role in the formation of kidney stones.

4 – Flushes Out Toxins

This beverage can detoxify the body. It clears out toxins and impurities from the kidneys and the liver. It also provides the body with nutrients.

5 – Hydrates The Body

Like plain water, coconut water is also a hydrating agent. It is often referred to as a natural sports drink because it can give one a boost of hydration and energy after exercise better than regular water can. It can also combat fatigue which is caused because of the loss of electrolytes.

6 – Relaxes The Muscles

Coconut water is not only useful after exercise because it grants energy but also because it relaxes the muscles. This it owes to its calcium content.

7 – Helps With Stress Management

Feeling blue? Coconut water can be of assistance. The beverage contains magnesium which encourages the release pf serotonin, the happy hormone.

8 – Encourages Weight Loss

Coconut water also supports weight loss. This it is able to do by enhancing metabolic activity and promoting the blasting off of fats for energy. Moreover, the drink also works as an appetite suppressant. This low-calorie natural drink is a great replacement for sugary drinks.

9 – Fights Off Diabetes

Though more research is needed to confirm this, some studies have noticed that coconut water may be able to fight off diabetes. The magnesium in the drink can better insulin sensitivity as well as reduce blood sugar levels.

10 – Improves Digestion

Fluids are great for your digestive health. Coconut water is particularly so because it is a good source of fiber as well which improves digestion.

11 – Boasts Antimicrobial Properties

Last but not the least, coconut water has antimicrobial properties. Therefore, along with being a delicious drink, it also prevents infections caused due to bacteria.

To sum up, coconut water comes with a bunch of health benefits. It may save one from high blood pressure, heart problems, kidney stones, and diabetes. It is a hydrating and detoxifying electrolyte-enriched drink which can replace sodas and sports drinks easily.